YOURmeds can increase capacity in social care, whilst helping to reduce hospital admissions.

Person Centred Care - YOURmeds puts the service user back in charge of their medication, enabling them to live independently within the community

Reduce Medication Visits - YOURmeds can help reduce medication visits significantly, even eliminating them altogether. With YOURmeds costing less than £2 a day (total cost), savings are substantial

Speed Up Discharge from Hospital - We can work with Hospital & Community Pharmacy to speed up discharge from hospitals, thus freeing up vital bed resources. This is done safely and the patient can use YOURmeds immediately at home

Supported by Pharmacists - YOURmeds works within existing pharmacy processes - in fact it was designed that way! We have over 130 pharmacies working with us across several products, and the list is growing all the time.

6X Return on Investment - Our test pilot in Leeds showed an ROI of 6X based on a reduction in med visits only. We have also proved that the longer someone stays on YOURmeds, the greater the ROI. Download our case study in Leeds here

Improve Adherence to over 80%! - The WHO in the world's largest ever study (2003), supported by the NHS, showed that people in the developed world take their medication correctly 50% of the time. YOURmeds has increased this to over 80%!

YOURmeds Integrates with any System - YOURmeds operates an open API structure and can send and receive data from any system. This includes AT provider platforms, Monitoring Systems etc. YOURmeds also works with Pharmacy robotic dispensing systems such as VBM

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