Simple, Safe & Mobile

YOURmeds is about keeping the whole family connected and healthy. Suitable for all ages YOURmeds helps people to stay independent and take control of their medication.
  • Never Forget - When it’s time to take your medication the tag’s screen will clearly display the correct blister number and audibly alarm.

  • Stay Independent - YOURmeds can help people to live in their own home for longer. 

  • Easy to Understand - YOURmeds is simple to understand and easy to use. It comes ready to use directly from your Pharmacy.

  • Portable - Take YOURmeds with you wherever you go, taking your medication at the right time.

  • Peace of Mind - if you miss a round, your support network of family, friends and carers are alerted via the YOURmeds App to remind you to take your medication.

  • Mobile Data - The SMART Tag uses mobile technology built into the device so you do not need Wi-Fi or Broadband

  • Improved Adherence - Taking your medication at the right time improves the effectiveness of the medication. You can easily share your data with healthcare professionals.

  • Register Your Interest in YOURmeds - you can nominate your Pharmacy to become a YOURmeds supplier. Click here to complete your Pharmacy details

Still have more questions? Try checking our FAQs for more information or Contact Us directly.

What's in the Box

  • All of your medications organised and filled into a weekly YOURmeds pack, delivered directly to you for free.
  • An accessories pack including; a charger, a reusable cover and foam guide for your pack and a set of simple instructions on how use the tag and portal.
  • A YOURmeds Tag with unlimited data.
  • Free access to the online portal to monitor your progress.
  • Unlimited app downloads for you and your support network
  • You can also link your Care Provider to support you and your care plan in real-time.