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Equipment Sent To You

We will send you all the equipment you need to fill your medication in YOURmeds.

You'll Know What You're Doing

As well as all the equipment you need, you will get a YOURmeds instructions bundle.

We'll Help You With Your Alerts

After you purchase we will be in touch to sort out your medication timing. We will then set YOURmeds to alert for you.

Learn How YOURmeds Freedom Works

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Your YOURmeds Freedom Journey

How YOURmeds Freedom Helps Laura

"Managing my meds can be overwhelming and time consuming but YOURmeds has made it so simple. I can fill all my meds in the YOURmeds pack and when it's time to take my meds the pack will alarm and show me which number to take. So I find it really useful, because I usually forget."

Answers to common questions.

The Tag is the device with a screen you see attached to the top of the pack. This is where the alarm sound will come from, and number will appear on the screen. The tag uses mobile data, so needs no WiFi in order to work. 

The medication tray can currently only accommodate tablets, any liquids or creams will be provided outside of the pack for you to administer when required.

Yes, however the electronic smart device is linked to UK time so it will alert at the same times you have set in the UK.

For example, if your smart device is set to alert at 9am UK time, and you travel to Spain which is 1 hour ahead, your smart device will alert you at 10am Spanish time, which is 9am UK time.

Notify us by emailing as soon as possible. The support team will contact your pharmacy and confirm when your next prescription date is (when you are next due medication from the pharmacy), so that you can return to your previous method of dispense on that date – we will inform you of when this is. (insert the cancellation policy link maybe?). 

Find our contact details on our contact page.

No, if you just organise your medicines as you would into timeslots. Number 1 is the 1st round of tablets you need to take on a Monday, 2 is the 2nd round on a Monday. You can have up to 4 rounds a day. If you don’t have 4 rounds leave them unfilled. A new line is a new day so Tuesday starts on number 5. The packs come with the seal attached to the top, once you’ve filled the packs with your medicines, peel off the backing sheet and apply it onto the tray using the palm of your hand.

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