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YOURmeds can increase capacity in social care, whilst helping to reduce hospital admissions.

Health and Social Care

NICE Release Medtech Innovation Briefing On YOURmeds

We can help improve outcomes

Increase capacity

West Lothian Council saved 6,680 visits from supporting 8 users. Wigan Council are starting to use YOURmeds with their Domiciliary Care Providers.

Reduce primary carer fatigue

The impact on the primary carer can be life changing especially if they are supporting multiple rounds of medication for instance with Parkinson’s.

Save time and money

Adult social care teams are reducing 15 minute medication visits. West Lothian Council saw a 9 times return on investment, saving on average £3,376 per patient.

Data driven decision making

Our specialised in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.


Open API

Open API

We welcome the opportunity to push our data into other monitoring platforms.

Full audit trail

Full audit trail

Our reporting system allows teams access to every notification and medication round taken providing a full audit trail for CQC reporting.

Lloyds of London

Lloyds of London

Insured by Lloyds of London, YOURmeds supports carers within the community to administer medication safely.

Health and Social Care

Our Referral Process

Identify referrals

Adult Social Care teams identify referrals and check the service user can see the number on the tag and open corresponding blister. A referral form is submitted to YOURmeds.

Approach user's pharmacy

We approach the existing pharmacy to see if they want to come on board as a pharmacy partner. If they decline we find an alternative pharmacy partner and renominate the prescription.

Dispatch YOURmeds

Supporters are identified and informed. The next prescription is dispatched within the YOURmeds system.


Here’s what professionals, who have been using YOURmeds for a number of years, think of us.

Health and Social Care


Get peace of mind supporting family and friends with their medication.

YOURmeds supporter app informs you which blister needs to be opened and at what time.  You can support multiple people from the same app.

The app can be used to make a call directly to the user if they miss their medication. It is updated in real time once they access the correct medication.

Supporters are really important. 1 in 4 of our user’s adherent rounds are due to supporter intervention. 


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Health and Social Care

Case Studies

YOURmeds West Lothian Council Case Study

West Lothian Council use medication adherence as a daily cognitive tool to proactively improve care in the community.

YOURmeds Leeds City Council Pilot

YOURmeds provides an easy way for councils to increase capacity within the system.


YOURmeds is being used by Parkinson’s patients in Manchester to support medication adherence.

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Health and Social Care

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