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Become a Pharmacy Partner

We are changing the way medication is managed in the community


Join the YOURmeds revolution – we now have over 300 Pharmacy Partners!

Why should you join us?

Attract new patients

YOURmeds allows you to attract new patients and retain your existing ones by offering a revolutionary new product on managing medication.

We don't change any of your processes

Our products work with your pharmacy workflow, simply fill our packs instead and deliver to the customer.

Monitor medication adherence

Our technology enables you to monitor medication adherence and compliance of your patients. You can adjust the timings for medications from the online portal, avoiding the need to bring the medication pack to the pharmacy when timings change.

Full training provided

We provide full training on how to use the YOURmeds system. Join us at our weekly information/training sessions.


Join the digital technology revolution with YOURmeds SMART

We are working with councils to support adult social care teams with medication adherence in the community.  It’s free to join our network of pharmacy partners. 

Get paid to deliver YOURmeds SMART and receive the packaging for free

Support your patients with improving their medication adherence by offering YOURmeds SMART to your standard community pack users.


MAR Labelling & Charting Solutions

Exclusive access to our MAR charts

YOURmeds MAR’s suite of charts and labels can also be utilised for care homes and all other non-YOURmeds patients

Safe, simple, secure

Using these charts and labels helps safeguarding and meet regulation in care environments, giving you the edge over your competitors when vying for new custom

Easy ordering system

Our online re-ordering system connects care providers directly to your pharmacy, strengthening relationships and improving workflow

Join us as a Pharmacy Partner or ask a Question.

Join the YOURmeds revolution!

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YOURmeds Switch


Saving you thousands of £

 £10 a week