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The Tag is the device with a screen you see attached to the top of the pack. This is where the alarm sound will come from, and number will appear on the screen. The tag uses mobile data, so needs no WiFi in order to work. 

Yes, we will need to renominate your prescription to one of our pharmacy partners.

We have teamed up with our trusted partners to provide a monitoring service for those who need it. This service will come at a small additional cost, to be paid monthly with your subscription. Please contact us for more details.

The medication tray can currently only accommodate tablets, any liquids or creams will be provided outside of the pack for you to administer when required.

Yes, however the electronic smart device is linked to UK time so it will alert at the same times you have set in the UK.

For example, if your smart device is set to alert at 9am UK time, and you travel to Spain which is 1 hour ahead, your smart device will alert you at 10am Spanish time, which is 9am UK time.

Notify us by emailing office@yourmeds.net as soon as possible. The support team will contact your pharmacy and confirm when your next prescription date is (when you are next due medication from the pharmacy), so that you can return to your previous method of dispense on that date – we will inform you of when this is. (insert the cancellation policy link maybe?). 

Find our contact details on our contact page.

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