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The 21st Century way of taking your meds. It is simple, safe and supported.

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When it’s time to take your medication, the pack will alarm. Simply match the number on the screen to the number on the pack.

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Loved ones can support from wherever they are with YOURmeds Supporter App.

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Peace of Mind

Did you know 50% of people do not take their medication properly?

For a medication to be effective you need to take it correctly at least 80% of the time.
With YOURmeds:

How does YOURmeds Work?

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Working with councils and organisations across the UK and Internationally.

Meet Irene

Irene is a lovely 86 year old. She lives with her husband who has advanced dementia.

In Oct 21, Irene suffered a fall that resulted in surgery, her memory has declined since undergoing the general anaesthetic. Irene's family members started getting concerned about her taking her medication correctly. In February 2022 Irene started to receive her medication in the YOURmeds system.

Now family members report knowing that Irene has taken her medication correctly gives them peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

Mary Legget, Parkinsons Specialist Nurse Manchester​

YOURmeds is simple, safe and secure, it’s prompt makes patients more independent, allows them to stay empowered and keep on track with their medication. Patients who are on YOURmeds have stuck with it and they do like it. With the 4 weekly packs it doesn’t restrict them if they want to go away for a week they can take YOURmeds with them. The cohort that are on YOURmeds I’ve not had any issues and they are definitely happy with it and I wouldn’t like to take it off them I would love to see this rolled out to a wider community especially people with long term conditions.

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Happy YOURmeds user in an armchair with his dog, holding up the YOURmeds medication pack
Regained independence.

I like the smart blister pack because it lets me know when to take my medication as my memory isn't always the best, It's a good idea to remind me but also my friends who helps support me. It lets me keep my independence more.

- Darren, Stoke-On-Trent
It's so simple.

Oh its brilliant, I just don’t forget now, well I do but the bloody thing beeps so I cant forget. Makes such a difference just simpler and easier for me to do but worry about getting the next one and it was easier having 4 at a time.

- Nicola, Stoke-On-Trent

Answers to common questions.

The Tag is the device with a screen you see attached to the top of the pack. This is where the alarm sound will come from, and number will appear on the screen. The tag uses mobile data, so needs no WiFi in order to work. 

Yes, we will need to renominate your prescription to one of our pharmacy partners.

We have teamed up with our trusted partners to provide a monitoring service for those who need it. This service will come at a small additional cost, to be paid monthly with your subscription. Please contact us for more details.

The medication tray can currently only accommodate tablets, any liquids or creams will be provided outside of the pack for you to administer when required.

Yes, however the electronic smart device is linked to UK time so it will alert at the same times you have set in the UK.

For example, if your smart device is set to alert at 9am UK time, and you travel to Spain which is 1 hour ahead, your smart device will alert you at 10am Spanish time, which is 9am UK time.

Notify us by emailing as soon as possible. The support team will contact your pharmacy and confirm when your next prescription date is (when you are next due medication from the pharmacy), so that you can return to your previous method of dispense on that date – we will inform you of when this is. (insert the cancellation policy link maybe?). 

Find our contact details on our contact page.

Still have questions? We can help answer them.

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