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Who Is It For?

About Us

YOURmeds is made up of a small dedicated team that has built this solution. We work closely with the NHS, doctors, pharmacies, social services and care agencies.

YOURmeds was built to help people and designed to connect families and carers putting you at the centre. Our family members use it, our customers use it and we know it works! Those using YOURmeds today, remember to take their medication accurately more than 70% of the time, helping them to live independently and enjoy their lives.

Technology needs to be simple, secure and safe – that’s why we created a technology-driven solution based around you.

Who Is It For?

Our History

YOURmeds started out making patient-friendly prescription labels, charts and reports, with the aim of making complex medication regimes easier to understand and manage. Over 5 million people in England currently live with at least one Long Term Condition (LTC) with many having two or more. This means that medication is often complex and difficult to manage. Our labels make it easier to understand what medications you are taking, when you need to take them, and they are dispensed and delivered by your local pharmacy. We have taken out the stress and worry for you. 

Today we have some 20,000 patients using our service, and more come on board every month.


In trying to make medication more manageable, we understand that people have difficulty in taking their medication. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), up to 50% of all medication worldwide is not taken as prescribed . For specific conditions such as Heart Failure, this figure rises to almost 70%, putting the patient at risk and increasing costs substantially to the NHS. 

There are many reasons why people don’t take their medication, and forgetfulness and needing support are two main ones. This is why we created YOURmeds: to help you to take your medication regularly and have the support of loved ones or carers to help you through the journey.


Choose the option that best applies to you

Patient or Family Member

Get your pills organised and medication reminders

YOURmeds is about keeping the whole family connected and healthy. Suitable for all ages, YOURmeds helps people stay independent by organising your medication and reminding you to take it.


Get involved with our projects

YOURmeds can increase capacity in social care, whilst helping to reduce hospital admissions.

Care Provider

Improve the quality of your care

YOURmeds is a revolutionary new solution for care providers. It frees up your staff to do what they do best, provide care. By using YOURmeds, you can increase capacity and take on more work, and improve the quality of the care you offer.

Who Is It For?


Become a pharmacy partner

We are working with Local Authorities across the UK and internationally; we are looking for dynamic pharmacy partners to join forces with us to offer YOURmeds in your community.