Meet The Team: Ryan Owen

Meet Ryan!

Ryan is the customer service representative at YOURmeds.

His role involves picking up the phone, answering customer queries and receiving orders whilst also being deeply involved in YOURmeds brand new referral process.

Ryan works within a small team to work through YOURmeds referrals. Monitoring users to check for any issues is part of his daily job, if Ryan spots any issues, he is quick to take the necessary actions to make sure the issue is sorted.





Ryan is a 22-year-old, born in Newcastle but raised in Southampton.

He has been part of YOURmeds team for just over 2 months now and is really enjoying his time so far.

Ryan enjoys, reading books especially historical fiction he also LOVES dogs, enjoying spending time with the family dog (Monty a border terrier).

Calling Ryan, a football fan would be an understatement! He was raised a strong Liverpool fan by his dad from a young age.


What inspires Ryan?


Ryan is inspired by seeing other people succeed and make positive changes in their lives, making him ideal for YOURmeds customer service, because he gets motivated by helping others.


How Ryan contributes to the customer experience?


Ryan contributes by being kind, helpful and informative to customers to ensure they have a positive experience with YOURmeds.

He makes sure he gathers the right information, so every customer is left as satisfied and worry free as possible. He listens carefully to each person that he speaks to, being attentive making sure they are heard and feel confident they are in safe hands.

YOURmeds are super happy with Ryan’s progress and are certain he will continue to excel within the company. 

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