We help simplify the management of medication.

We have created a medication management system for the 21st century bringing together mobile technology, the use of a patient’s support network and real time data to increase a patient’s adherence. 


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0 million
medication errors happen annually in England alone.
0 %
adherence that YOURmeds consistently achieves.
0 billion
lost each year across Europe due to non-adherence to medication.

The right medication at the right time.

We believe people have the right to stay independent in their own homes. Our medication dispenser allows individuals to structure how they take medication with the support from their network of family and friends. 

We want to make medication simple. Our ground breaking technology takes the basic community pack and turns it into an easy to use, simple to understand system that helps people take the right medicine at the right time.

Users are supported by their network through the YOURmeds app on their smart phone allowing them to prompt the user when medicines have been missed.

Tried & Trusted

Across the UK & Beyond.

supporting long term medical conditions

YOURmeds increases health outcomes and increases independence.

Taking your medicines on time can have a huge impact on your health outcomes.  The World Health Organisation recognises that increasing medication adherence would have a great impact on health outcomes than any medical advancement.  Over 1.5 million people are issued with dosette trays every week in the UK to help them manage their medication.  How well they take their medicines has been difficult to identify until now.

On average YOURmeds supports people to have an 84% adherence rate.  Low adherence increases the risk of hospitalisation and premature mortality 1-3

YOURmeds is more than a medication monitoring system, through the clever use of the support network around an individual it uses nudge theory to help people become more adherent.  Supporters can see when medication is taken, if it is taken late or early, if medicines have been missed or the wrong or multiple wrongs have been taken.  We know that 1 in 4 of our adherent rounds are due to a supporter intervention.  Through the use of a quick phone call through the YOURmeds supporter app, YOURmeds allows users to stay independent in their own homes for longer and provides peace of mind to family and friends.

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Leeds City Council

Leeds council saved £7,190 by keeping one user in their own home for 88 days using YOURmeds.

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