Supporting your loved one with their meds

Maybe money can’t buy happiness but it can buy peace of mind. YOURmeds increase peoples health and wellbeing with support from their network of family and friends. 

medication errors happen annually in England alone.
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The average carer cost per hour in the United Kingdom.
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is the average weekly cost of a care home in the United Kingdom.
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YOURmeds medication pack and supporter app
We all need a helping hand from time to time

Independence and Support rolled into one.

YOURmeds supports people to take the right medication at the right time with support from their network of family and friends.

Fewer than 1 in 2 take their medication correctly which leads to poorer health outcomes. YOURmeds wants to change that. The medication pack will inform the User when it is time to take their medication. The medication packs are filled, dispensed and delivered by the Pharmacy.

The Tag will inform the User when it is time to take their medication: it will sound an alarm and display a number. The YOURmeds User simply has to take the medication that is behind the number.


Why are you telling me this?

The YOURmeds User has requested that you support them to take their medication correctly. 

The person accepts they have difficulty with taking their medication and know how important it is that they take their medication as often and as accurately as possible. 

By helping them, you are enabling them to remain independent, healthier and happy!

What do I need to do?

1.  The person you have agreed to support has authorised YOURmeds to send you an email link to download and log in to the free App.

2. Download the YOURmeds App from Google Play store or the APP store.

3. Login to the app using the email and password that we have sent you in the email.

How to make a YOURmeds pack & syncing the Tag

Tried & Trusted

Across the UK & Beyond.

Dennis King
Dennis King
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I like the smart blister pack because it lets me know when to take my medication as my memory isn't always the best, It's a good idea to remind me but also my friends who helps support me. It lets me keep my independence more.
Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor
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Gives me peace of mind. YOURmeds has helped set my mind at ease knowing that I can be assured that my dad is safe in taking his meds correctly and has the back-up of alerts going through to Caroline if he opens too many pods.
Julia Andrews
Julia Andrews
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It's brilliant.

Oh, it's brilliant, I just don't forget now, well I do but the pack beeps so I can't forget. Makes such a difference, just simpler and easier for me to do. 


Contact the pharmacy and email us at to tell us to disable the alerts. When they have been discharged let the pharmacy know and they can turn the YOURmeds system back on.

The pharmacy will pick up the packs that haven’t been used and will redeliver them with the new prescription changes. 

Ring the technical support team on 02392 470001 or email 

Plug in the tag check that the battery is charged. 

Hold down the sync button until the green light flashes and then release, this will update the tag with the latest schedule. 

If you are still experiencing difficulties email

Find another supporter who can take your place and email 

Yes, we set the notifications up so that you are only informed if medication is missed or wrongly taken.  If you would like to receive all notifications please email 

DID you know

The average weekly cost of living in a residential care home is £704 and the average nursing home cost per week is £888 per week across the UK.

YOURmeds helps people to stay independent in their own homes for longer.
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