Improve the quality of your care.

YOURmeds is a revolutionary new solution for care providers. It frees up your staff to do what they do best, provide care. By using YOURmeds, you can increase capacity, take on more work, and improve the quality of the care you offer.

medication errors happen annually in England alone.
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adherence that YOURmeds consistently achieves.
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lost each year across Europe due to non-adherence to medication.
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YOURmeds medication pack and supporter app
Managing medicines

We can help improve outcomes.

We want to make medication simple. Our innovative technology takes the basic community pack and turns it into an easy to use, simple to understand smart system that helps people take the right medicine at the right time.

Your staff can monitor clients in real time from the office. You only need to do something if the client is failing to take their medications, and in many cases a simple phone call will suffice. Local authorities are willing to pay for you to monitor remotely as they want you to create more hours to bring more people into the safety net.

This could lead to significant time saving, improved rostering and higher revenue. For the private pay market (which is growing rapidly), YOURmeds is a vital link between a client and the family, allowing you, the carer, to focus on what really matters.

Tried & Trusted

Across the UK & Beyond.

Prescribed Medicine adherance

YOURMeds offers a complete adherence solution.

We have created a medication management system for the 21st century bringing together mobile technology, the use of a patient’s support network and real time data to increase a patient’s adherence. YOURmeds consistently achieves adherence of over 80%, even during lockdown. 

The World Health Organisation recognises that increasing medication adherence would have a greater impact on health outcomes than any medical advancement.  Over 1.5 million people are issued with blister packs every week in the UK to help them manage their medication. How well they take their medicines has been difficult to identify – until now.

West Lothian Council saved 6,680 visits from supporting 8 users. Wigan Council and many other local authorities are starting to use YOURmeds with their Domiciliary Care Providers.

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Leeds council saved £7,190 by keeping one user in their own home for 88 days using YOURmeds.

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