Increasing independence through improved medication adherence

YOURmeds is working with Wigan Council to increase capacity within the adult social services by supporting service users to take their medication without carer support. Working with Wigan Council’s domiciliary care provider, PCS, YOURmeds is able to ensure the correct medication is taken whilst enabling the Care Teams to monitor in real-time. The net result is reduced carer visits.

The Challenge

Wigan Council are facing unprecedented demand in adult social care provision. Winter demands that historically would reduce in the summer have not happened in 2022. 

Coupled with the shortage in carers to support the demand, the council are looking at ways that their “Virtual Domiciliary Care Service” can use assistive technology to increase capacity in the system. 

It really works for us because it just constantly tells us what's going on, because it's just on a scroll screen, nice and highlighted, nice and easy, we can see it and react straight away. It's such an easy thing to do for us.

The Impact

Wigan Council partnered with YOURmeds to understand how the YOURmeds Switch could offer virtual medication reminders rather than physical visits through their domiciliary care provider, PCS. 

YOURmeds demonstrated increased independence for service users, and PCS was able to repurpose physical care visits with virtual ones allowing them to increase capacity within the system. As a result, Wigan Council now plans a much wider roll-out.

The Solution

YOURmeds is a smart medication management system that helps people take the right medication at the right time with support from their network of support in this case the care provider. 

YOURmeds brings medication adherence into the 21st Century through its bespoke combination of technology and behavioural psychology. The net result is a data driven and proactive approach to care.

Key Features

“My counsellor said she’d noticed a big difference in me because I’m more alert. In addition, my memory has improved with taking the medicines at the correct times.”

4 x Return on investment

Person centred care

Medication support provided virtually

Increase capacity within social care

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