Smart Medication Management Systems Being Rolled Out In Ireland Thanks To Brand New Partnership.

Improved medication adherence will enhance the quality of life of people in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, reducing costly hospital admissions and allowing people to remain independent in their own homes for much longer.   

A NEW PARTNERSHIP formed between Connected Health and YOURmeds will see the distribution of innovative medication management systems across Ireland. 

YOURmeds is a smart medication management system that helps people take the right medication at the right time with help from their support network. YOURmeds brings medication adherence into the 21st Century through its bespoke combination of technology and nudge theory embedded in behavioural psychology. It provides clinicians, adult social care teams and care providers with real-time medication adherence data.  

“We are delighted to add YOURmeds to the range of products we offer to enable people to live independently at home. The increased medication compliance rates will see a reduction in costly hospital admissions and improve the overall quality of life for our clients across Ireland.”

This helps to adapt prescriptions and care packages using Strength Based Commissioning to increase independence and capacity in the adult social care sector through digital support. 

YOURmeds achieves an adherence rate range between 80% and 95% depending upon conditions, and, 1 in 4 adherent rounds is due to a supporter nudge. 

Care Providers are using YOURmeds as a way to offer virtual rather than physical support allowing them to increase capacity in the system. The reduction in care hours provided results in a four times return on investment. 

YOURmeds works across Europe and Australia. In March 2022, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) released their Medtech Innovation Briefing. It acknowledges YOURmeds as the most innovative end-to-end solution addressing the deep-rooted issue of medication adherence in the current digital age. 

“…first digital medication dosage system that allows real-time monitoring of medication adherence.” (NICE) Med-Tech Briefing 289 

“We are really pleased that Connected Health have chosen YOURmeds to support medication adherence in the community. We are really excited to be part of their Connected Health 2.0 platform that supports users being able to select technology enabled care from a ‘menu’ to fit in with the individual’s lifestyle choices.”

YOURmeds, a smart medication support solution, enables patients to take the right medicine at the right time. Supporters and monitoring centres can ‘nudge’ the patient in real time, increasing adherence to over 80%, improving health outcomes; data obtained can lead to reduced costs in health and social care,  

Contact YOURmeds via or call 023 9247 0001 for more information . 

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