Long Distance Caregiving

Living far away from your loved ones is difficult. This is especially the case for those with close relatives who struggle with their old age. It presents a dilemma that no one wants – do you give up your personal life to move back closer to them or continue living far away? There’s no real answer here. However, there are ways to make long-distance caregiving work!

Here are a few handy tips to help care for your loved ones if you live too far away:

Figure Out What You Can Do From Afar

Living far away doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. It just means you are restricted. Plan a strategy for their care visits, handle their bills, and ensure they’re kept safe. Being involved can help in more ways than one, even when you live further away from them.

Does their primary care provider need help? See where you can lend a helping hand and make their job that little bit easier. Understand that you can’t do everything, even if you’re there. Caregiving can take a number of people to get right. So help wherever you can.

Get Help From Personal Care Assistants

If you don’t have any other relatives who can help out, look to get help from the local council. They can provide you with personal care assistants to provide care if you live far away, ensuring that your loved ones are safe. Work with them to give the best care possible. Evaluate where you need help and seek it out. Our loved ones need their independence, but if they have too much autonomy, their safety could be jeopardised. That’s why a personal care assistant is so vital, as they are there to guide your loved ones when they need help.

Make The Most Of Your In-Person Visits

When you’re back over to visit from time to time, assess where they may need help the most. For example, how are they taking their medication? If they are manually taking them one at a time from out of the boxes, swap this out for a YOURmeds Switch pack to make it easier. Look around their home to see if there are any signs of neglect, and find out if they’re having difficulties making food on a daily basis. Whatever problems they may be having, your next in-person visit can ensure they find a solution they haven’t thought of before!

Utilise Technology For Your Caregiving

Although you may be far away physically, you can be there virtually with the help of tech! Different technologies can be used to help your loved ones with their care, such as video calling where you are able to keep in touch day to day so you can see how they’re doing.

Not only that, but you can also make use of the YOURmeds Switch! This tech-infused blister pack gives your loved ones a friendly reminder for when it’s time to take their medication. With the help of our handy app, you can be reminded whenever they miss a dosage.

Manage Their Medication With YOURmeds Switch!

We make it easier to support your loved ones with their medications. The YOURmeds Switch pack helps them remember when to take the right medications at the right time – and alert you to any problems they may be having.

Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions.

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