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We all know that good medicine management is a really important part of ensuring loved ones can live their best lives as they age.  Don’t wait for a medical incident, act now to put YOURmeds in place helping them feel better physically and mentally allowing you both to enjoy the silver years

What you get.

  • Free monthly delivery of YOURmeds Smart packs filled with your prescription 
  • Get alerted up to 10 med rounds a day 
  • YOURmeds 4G Tag with unlimited data 
  • Instructions on how to use your Tag and Portal 
  • Unlimited app downloads for you and your support network 


For you or your loved one(s), it could be free! According to the Care Act 2014, everyone is legally entitled to a personal budget from the council unless they are getting intermediate care or reablement support to meet their needs. Local authorities must provide personal budgets to whoever meets the regulations in the Act.


You may not have to pay VAT if you qualify for disability VAT relief.

If you are exempt from VAT, you can specify this during checkout.

YOURmeds Smart Dosette Box
If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied!

That is why we'll happily give you your money back within 14 days of your purchase.

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Dennis King
Dennis King
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I like the smart blister pack because it lets me know when to take my medication as my memory isn't always the best, It's a good idea to remind me but also my friends who helps support me. It lets me keep my independence more.
Alicia Taylor
Alicia Taylor
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Gives me peace of mind. YOURmeds has helped set my mind at ease knowing that I can be assured that my dad is safe in taking his meds correctly and has the back-up of alerts going through to Caroline if he opens too many pods.
Julia Andrews
Julia Andrews
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It's brilliant.

Oh, it's brilliant, I just don't forget now, well I do but the pack beeps so I can't forget. Makes such a difference, just simpler and easier for me to do. 
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