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What is it?

The Health Matters team at the University of Chester is undertaking a Real World Validation (RWV) of this service, using data collected by YOURmeds. This study will provide empirical evidence to ascertain the efficacy of the service and to understand its impact better. It is an essential step to ensure that the device delivers on its intended goals and truly addresses the current challenges faced by patients, healthcare providers, and social care systems in managing medication.


The YOURmeds’ innovative service presents a potential solution to several challenges in medication management. By using simple design elements, intuitive user experience, and smart technology integration, the service embodies a comprehensive
approach to facilitating better healthcare outcomes. The ongoing validation study will further shed light on its effectiveness, potentially paving the way for wider implementation .

Key Evaluation Questions

This validation study seeks to assess the effectiveness of the YOURmeds program. Based on a cohort of 39 patients (average age – 64.7) that YOURmeds monitored using their service offer. This was undertaken in two groups, one of 30 and a smaller group of 9 with specific clinical cognitive conditions. 

The study explored the following questions:

1. Was the YOURmeds program cost-effective when compared to social care visits and other similar programs delivered over a period of time?

2. What evidence supports the need for medication assistance using the YOURmeds device?

3.  What is the profile of users who benefit from the YOURmeds device?

4.  Were there any unintended outcomes or benefits reported by carers, commissioners and the patients when utilizing the YOURmeds platform?

By addressing these study questions, the study aims to provide valuable insights into the cost-effectiveness, need, user profile, and potential unintended outcomes of the YOURmeds service offer.

70% Of visits where able to be replaced with the YOURmeds service

Predictive benefits
when conditions deteriorate

Digitally inclusive -
Supports people aged 80+

Download the full Real World Validation Report and read about the findings, recommendations and more:

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