How to support someone living with Dementia at home

Dementia is a loss of cognitive function, it affects memory, thinking, behaviour and reasoning- to such a degree that it impacts the person’s daily life. Some people with dementia may not be able to control their emotions, and their personalities can change.

How to help someone with Dementia

Your loved one with dementia will need more support as their Dementia progresses. One powerful way you can help them is by learning how they see their world. Allow them to open up to you and listen to their view, take note of the challenges they are having and from there you can start to optimize their care, making life as comfortable for them as you can.

Speak with your loved one’s caregiver

Your loved one’s caregiver will have the experience and training to best support the situation you are in. They are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Some questions that you may want to ask:
  • How can you help your loved one stay calm and collected
  • Helping with dementia memory loss
  • Activities you can do with your loved one
  • How to manage dementia sleep problems
  • Making grooming easier

Brightly coloured crockery

A simple way you can help someone with dementia is by getting brightly coloured crockery. Those with dementia often struggle to differentiate between objects.

By getting brightly coloured crockery you will ensure that their food stands out from the plate. This will make eating a lot easier for them.

Install Dementia aids

Simply adding some grab rails in key areas of your home can make a huge difference.

It will make it easier for your loved ones to move around the house, improving the accessibility of your home to them but also making your home safer.

Some other Dementia aids for around the house you might find useful are:
  • Tray trolleys – to transport items between rooms.
  • Signs – to remind your loved one where different items are in the chosen room.
  • Kettle tipper – a frame that allows boiling water to be poured safely.
  • Non-slip washing-up gloves – to ensure washing up is safer.
  • Rise and reclining chairs – to help your loved one sit and stand easily.


If your loved one with dementia is on multiple medications, it could be a good idea to get them some sort of medication reminder. Missing medication can cause serious problems, like a decline in health conditions and an increased risk of falls.  

YOURmeds helps people to take the right medication at the right time. When it is time for your loved one to take their medication, the pack will alarm, and a number will appear on the tag screen. All your loved one simply must do is match the number on the tag with the corresponding numbered door on the pack and take the medication behind. If a medication is not taken you will be notified through the YOURmeds supporter app. YOURmeds packs are filled by the pharmacy and delivered directly to your door.

If you want more information, enquire here.


Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions for you and your family.
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