How You Can Implement Healthy Ageing

As we age, our health will start to deteriorate. However, the average life expectancy is now 81.3 years as opposed to the 1980s when our life expectancy was down to around 74 years. But how is this the case? And what changes have been made since then to improve this?

More than ever, unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and lack of exercise are becoming much less frequent. As a result, Healthy Ageing has become a very popular lifestyle choice! So, here’s everything you need to know about Healthy Ageing:

What Is Healthy Ageing?

Healthy Ageing is about creating the environments and opportunities that enable you to be and do what you value throughout your life. It’s a process where we develop and maintain the functional ability to enable well-being in our later years. This involves good nutrition, getting enough exercise, and having direct access to healthcare to ensure we stay fit and healthy. Of course, this is an individual experience that’s influenced by our health choices over a lifetime, so one person’s Healthy Ageing experience may be very different from another person’s.

What Are The Benefits Of Healthy Ageing?

By living a healthier life while you age, you’re more likely to live longer and be independent. Unfortunately, age can prohibit movement, impact your vision, and lead to other more severe problems. However, Healthy Ageing helps protect you from these issues that worsen our lives. Smoking, for example, can lower your life expectancy by at least 10 years while being more active can potentially lower the risk of death from any cause such as cardiovascular disease. Healthy Ageing can be implemented throughout any stage of your older years, so it’s never too late to make a change to your lifestyle.

How Can You Begin To Implement Health Ageing?

There are many different ways you can implement Health Ageing into your schedule. However, starting off small is best as you can overdo some aspects of these activities. Exercise, for example, is a cornerstone of Healthy Ageing. One study found that adults aged 40+ who took 8,000 steps or more per day, were associated with a 51% lower risk of death. Eating a balanced diet, cutting out certain foods that are bad for you, and drinking more water instead of alcohol, can also help. Getting the right amount of sleep for your age is also important as well!

How Can YOURmeds Help To Assist Your Healthy Ageing?

Keeping up with Healthy Ageing can be challenging, especially if you have to take medications daily but forget to take your doses due to your older age. So, to help you stay on top of your pills, the YOURmeds Switch smart blister pack was designed to help remind you when to take your meds! If you forget to take them, the YOURmeds Switch alerts you until you’ve taken all the medication – and it also notifies your friends and family through our iOS and Android app. Healthy Ageing has never been easier now, thanks to the help of YOURmeds Switch.

Manage Your Medication With YOURmeds Switch!

We make it easier to support you with your medications. The YOURmeds Switch helps you remember when to take the right medication at the right time – and alert your support network to any missed medications.

Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions.

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