Sibling Relationships & Caregiving

Sibling relationships can become complicated over time. During childhood, you’re stuck with your siblings where you share the same environment, parents, and experiences together. However, roughly half during adulthood speak to or see one another once a month, while the other half communicate less frequently or not at all. So, when it comes to caregiving for your parents, there’s likely to be clashes between you and your siblings over many things.

Siblings must put differences aside and work together to care for their parents when they need it most. But why do we clash over caregiving for our parents?

Assets & Possessions

Unfortunately, many of us must deal with the matter of our parents’ assets and possessions after they’re gone. This can lead to less than desirable situations where siblings will fight over who gets what, situations where we can get hurt if it doesn’t go in our favour.

Although it isn’t nice to think about, this is something that has to be addressed. Not only that, but we need to be willing to give certain items up and make sure everyone gets an equal share of what’s available. Care for your siblings and think about what this means to them.

Medical Decisions

If our parents can’t make medical decisions themselves, who can? Should it be you, your sibling, or a shared effort between you both? Arguments can flare up over this very situation. One sibling may not be carrying their weight while the other may be too busy to handle it. Call a family meeting and devise a plan that works for you all. Workaround schedules and be sure to cooperate with each other. This is vital to your parents’ safety as their medical needs have to be met daily. If they forget to take medication, implement YOURmeds into the plan.


Are you both chipping in to pay for your parent’s care? It’s unfair if one sibling has to pay for everything while the other doesn’t. So, make your stance. Whoever doesn’t pay towards your parents’ care should receive less in the will. The more you’re involved, the more you receive. Who handles your parents’ finances? If it’s you, then are you responsible enough? Money has to be dealt with carefully, or it can be spent wrong, leading to problems. Work with each other to see who’s best equipped to deal with the financial side of your parent’s caregiving needs.


Decide on who’s responsible for what. How much time will both of you spend? What days will you visit them? Who can get there the quickest in an emergency? All of these questions and more have to be answered. If they struggle with meds, YOURmeds may be a good help.

Our medication management solution reminds your family members to take all their meds on time. It can be tough trying to keep up with caregiving. So, make it easier for yourself.

Manage Their Medication With YOURmeds Switch!

We make it easier to support your loved ones with their medications. The YOURmeds Switch pack helps them remember when to take the right medications at the right time – and alert you to any problems they may be having.

If you need more information, get in touch today!

Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions.


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