5 Pieces Of Tech Every Elderly Person Needs In 2022!

As we get older, there are some tasks that become harder to accomplish and others which we simply cannot do anymore. So it is left up to friends and family to help out wherever possible. However, there are new pieces of technology that can help carry all these tasks out!

But what exactly are these 5 pieces of technology anyway?

Smartphones & Tablets

One of the best things about smartphones and tablets is that they are incredibly easy to use. When first getting started, you may not be completely sure on what to do – so get a loved one to help teach you. They can even set up accessibility settings to make it a whole lot easier too. Display settings make text much larger and easier to read. Sound settings make phone calls better and notifications easy to hear. Voice activation and other accessibility features also help. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more important for older people as society moves away from traditional landline phone connections. It is a good idea to have them available since you can benefit from their great features.

Smart Security

There are lots of different types of smart security options available – Smart CCTV Cameras, Smart Video Doorbells, Smart Door Locks, Smart Trackers, and more! Smart CCTV Cameras, for example, can be linked up with your smartphone and tablet. When motion is detected, you will be notified on your smartphone or tablet and give you a chance to check who is there outside.

Smart Doorbells, on the other hand, can help protect you against potential burglars and aid you in making sure any deliveries are made while you are out. Smart Door Locks allow you to monitor who enters or leaves your home and also send virtual keys to loved ones or any guests. Smart Trackers help you find lost items.

Fitness Trackers

Monitoring your health can be made so much easier if you utilise one of the many different types of fitness trackers available on the market today. Not only that though, but it can help you be more active in your later years, keeping you on the move when your body needs you to do so. Fitness trackers also give you an insight into your sleep patterns and important information that you can use in order to improve them. They are designed to keep you fit and healthy, and they are also very easy to use; you can count your daily steps, monitor blood pressure, and more. Features like fall detection can provide peace of mind for loved ones as well.

Robot Vacuums

Cleaning can be a task that asks too much of you when you get older. Having to bend over to pick up the vacuum and lug it around everywhere while you clean the carpet may be tiresome. That is why you should consider a robot vacuum cleaner to help you clean around the house! They are very easy to use, incredibly efficient, and ideal for all types of homes no matter what.

Having to vacuum the house can be a monotonous and time-wasting task anyway – even for younger people! The tech is much smarter than you may think too. It is able to sense the changes in the surface underneath and adjust accordingly to clean the area with utter ease.

YOURmeds Switch

With the help of your smartphone device, you can even make the task of taking your medication so much easier with the YOURmeds Switch pack! YOURmeds Switch is a medication management device that helps remind you and your friends or family when it is time to take your medication. That horrible feeling you get when you forget to take your medication is awful. Being able to avoid that, therefore, is a great benefit. YOURmeds Switch works to provide you with all the help you will need in order to stay on top of your medication both day-in and day-out. Our handy app can be used by caregivers and loved ones to make a call to you if you end up missing a dose.

We help simplify the management of medications.

We believe people have the right to stay independent in their own homes. Our medication dispenser allows individuals to structure how they take medication with the support from their network of family and friends. 

We want to make medication simple. Our ground-breaking technology takes the basic community pack and turns it into an easy-to-use, simple-to-understand system that helps people take the right medicine at the right time.

Users are supported by their network through the YOURmeds app on their smartphone phone or device allowing the supporter to prompt the user when medicines have been missed.

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Please note that nothing in this blog constitutes official medical advice. It contains our opinions only. Always consult your healthcare provider when making healthcare decisions for you and your family.
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