The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), a public body of the Department of Health in England providing evidence-based technology recommendations by independent committees, released their Medtech Innovation Briefing titled:  YOURmeds for medication support in long-term conditions“.

The MIB states “experts agreed that YOURmeds is novel and the first in a new class of
procedures… All experts agreed that this technology builds on existing technologies, and 1 expert said that it is novel because it combines digital technology with data gathering. Two experts were unaware of any competing technologies in the NHS.”


The technology enables pharmacists to dispense medication in a conventional way directly
to the patient, without a carer having to load the system. Other innovative aspects include
the ability to correlate the medicines prescribed with the adherence data to show efficacy
and support patient-centred care, creating a real-time support network for each patient to
improve adherence and allow monitoring in a person’s own home. The technology can also
be used to help audit and record medication being taken.

The Briefing includes but is not limited to, a description of the YOURmeds technology, published evidence, expert comments, costs and resource consequences of using the system.

“YOURmeds is thrilled to have received support for the use of YOURmeds smart medication adherence system™ from NICE, a world-renowned source of clinical expertise,” said Priti Patel, Head of Sales at YOURmeds. “This briefing provides recognition that the YOURmeds solution can provide real time data around medication efficacy and how a user is managing their long-term condition. NICE recognises that the gaps between Health and Social Care needs to be bridged, and we are delighted to support this.”

About YOURmeds

YOURmeds helps to tackles the issues surrounding medicine adherence and compliance. The device alerts patients and care providers when they haven’t taken their medicine and will also provide emergency alerts should a patient try to overdose.  Data has revealed that YOURMeds improves medicine compliance from 50% to over 80% helping to reduce the impact not taking medicines can have. Over 5 million people take three or more prescription medicines every day in England, and this increases dramatically depending upon age group and condition.

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